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Club Program

Registered members automatically get their 9th bag of fresh ice FREE. Freebies can be accumulated over multiple visits. Cool.

Registered members automatically get their 7th Fountain Drink or Coffee FREE. Freebies can be accumulated over multiple visits. Cheers.

JOUNIE Rewards Freebies include refreshing fountain drinks, fresh-brewed coffee and bags of ice. The more you purchase, the more Freebies you earn. Check out for the latest.


Be sure to check your junk mail folders for important registration emails. Email reminders are sent if one of the steps in the verification process is not completed.

No, when you use your Debit Pay card, there is no gallon limit per transaction.

Your account must be registered for registration and account management. Emails are our way of communicating with our customers.

When you upgrade your registered JOURNIE Rewards card to Debit Pay, you save 7¢/gal at the pump. Every day.

Registered card holders can easily upgrade their current JOURNIE Rewards card to Debit Pay online. An additional new card for Debit Pay isn’t required.

All JOURNIE Rewards members must first have a registered card before upgrading to JOURNIE Debit Pay.

You may change your PIN by logging into the member website or the member link provided at Once you log in, you will need to click on your card/mobile number, then select the “Update My PIN” option. If you forgot your current PIN, then click on “Forgot PIN?” and follow the directions to reset your PIN to whatever new PIN you want.

The security of your data is very important to our business. Except for providing information to participating merchants, we do not resell or disclose any information to a third party. Your enrollment data is kept safe in our secured database servers. If you have enrolled in the JOURNIE Debit Pay the data you have provided is required to enable us to verify and link your information to your JOURNIE Debit Pay account to be able to perform ACH debit transactions. All bank information and PINs are encrypted as soon as your enrollment is submitted.

The limits for use of your account are:
• $100 per transaction
• $500 / Week
• $150 / Day

Once you have enrolled at, you’ll be sent an email with instructions for verification. This process could take up to (3) business days after the enrollment date. If additional information is needed, you will be notified of the activation step and program details through subsequent email messages. Additional verification may be necessary and include faxing or email a copy of member's drivers license, bank or utility statement. You are responsible for completing the bank verification step in order to activate the payment function. This step requires you to confirm two small test transactions that we post to your account for verification purposes. If additional information is needed, you will be notified through subsequent email messages.

Savings of 7-cents per gallon of gas is automatic at the pump when you swipe your JOURNIE Debit Pay and enter your PIN number. 

JOURNIE Debit Pay works just like other debit cards. Swipe outside at the pump or inside at the register. Either way, you save.

Easy. Visit and upgrade to Debit Pay. It’s and easy process and will only take a few minutes.

JOURNIE Rewards members automatically stack up 2 points for every $1 of in-store purchases. For every 100 points earned, registered members save $1 for select in-store purchases. Upgrade to JOURNIE Debit Pay and. You’ll also save 7¢ per gallon of gas savings at the pump.

JOURNIE Debit Pay is a simple and convenient way to upgrade your JOURNIE Reward card by simply linking your checking account. You get all the regular benefits and Freebies of JOURNIE Rewards, plus save 7¢ per gallon of gas purchased. Every day. No additional fees or impact on credit rating. Just more savings with every visit.

JOURNIE Rewards App

Registered card members need to link their card in the app. Simply select “I’ve already registered my card” when setting up the app.

At this moment, all app users must link their membership to a physical JOURNIE Rewards Card in order register.

An active connection is required for JOURNIE Rewards App users to track real-time points balance, transactions and savings. 

The JOURNIE app allows customers to digitally participate in the JOURNIE Rewards program - earn, track, and redeem points, find the nearest participating location, and see available offers to JOURNIE members.

The JOURNIE Rewards App is compatible with IOS 13 and newer, and Android 10, 11 and 12.

NOTE: it’s a good idea to confirm your device has sufficient storage.

The JOURNIE Rewards App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store - depending on your device platform.

JOURNIE Rewards Program

Registered members automatically earn a gift of 100 points ($1 in-store savings) on their birthday. It’s like getting cake and ice cream, but less sticky.

JOURNIE Rewards registration is free!

JOURNIE Rewards company policy excludes earning & redeeming points for alcohol, tobacco, gaming and lottery sales. 

At this moment, JOURNIE points are not able to be added to an account after a transaction is complete.

To earn points and Freebies, be sure to scan your JOURNIE Rewards card or App code first (at the start) before completing the purchase. 

While both the United States and Canadian JOURNIE Rewards programs make saving easy, the programs operate separately. If you are in the United States, visit For Canadians, please check out

Check out the offers for registered JOURNIE Rewards card holders at, or simply download the JOURNIE Rewards App at your favorite app store.

Registered members earn 100 points (worth $1 of in-store savings) for each carwash - redeemable at your next in-store purchase.

Registered members can view transaction history by signing in at or via their JOURNIE Rewards App.

You can start earning points with your JOURNIE Rewards card immediately. However to redeem those points and take advantage of additional program benefits, you must register your card at or via the JOURNIE Rewards app.

Yes, you must scan your JOURNIE Rewards card or App code at the start of the transactions to earn points and/or redeem select offers.

In the case of lost or damage card, pick up a new card at any participating location (, then update your account with your new card number at or simply speak with our Customer Service experts at 1-800-469-3104.

Free JOURNIE Rewards cards are available at any participating location:

Every 100 points earned are then redeemable for $1 savings off your next qualified in-store purchase.

The JOURNIE Rewards program is a way for travelers to always save without the worry. Registered members automatically stack up points at participating locations with qualified in-store purchases that can be redeemed for discounts at checkout. Earn Shopper Club Freebies for frequent favorites like Fountain Drinks, Fresh Coffee and Bags Of Ice. Upgrade a registered card to JOURNIE Debit Pay and also save 7¢/gal of gas at the pump. From around the corner to around the country, JOURNIE Rewards helps you enjoy the ride. Easy.

View locations at or simply download the JOURNIE Rewards App at their favorite app store.

Get your FREE JOURNIE Rewards card at any participating location ( To redeem points, register your card online at or simply download the JOURNIE Rewards App from your favorite app store.