250 Points Signing Bonus

A big “Thank You” for registering
your JOURNIE Rewards card!

Every 100 Points Saves $1

Stack up 2 points for every $1 of in-store
purchases*. Redeem at any location. Easy!

Beverage Club Freebies

Your 7th Fountain Drink or Coffee is
FREE! Sip Sip (sip sip sip sip) Hooray!

Ice Club Freebies

Every 9th Bag Of Ice is FREE for members
(who are, obviously, already very cool).

100 Points With Every Carwash

All shines point to savings! Redeemable
at your next in-store purchase.

Save 7¢ /gal with debit pay

Upgrade a registered card to Debit Pay
and save 7¢/gal at the pump every day!

* Company policy excludes point earnings for alcohol, tobacco, and lottery sales.